Day 1 Sites

Zong Services LLC has been providing complete technological services for over 5 years. We have created a unique product that allow you to become your own BOSS on the first day you purchase.

Day1sites products are a fully operational eCommerce businesses that are ready to sell, and ship products on DAY 1. We research a wide varity of industries and find where a new ecommerce website’s can compete.

We build relationships with product vendors, build the site, set you up with hosting, domain name, company logo. company e-mail, merchant account for credit card processing, and analutics and statistics tracking. All you need to do is market they site, so that THEY can buy the products.

It’s Simple..... We Build It, You Market It, They Buy It. is catered to the men and women that are looking to add extra protection for their home, or business. Keep an extra eye on your children, your employees or your significant other.
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