What is DAY 1 sites?

Its a unique line of websites that cater to the men and women that would like to earn extra money or have plans on being their own boss.

Why buy from us compared to others?

We have made it a priority to aknowledge that the average person does not know how to build manage and maintain an online website. Since we are owner based, we take that extra step in providing you with the best customer service and a face to the product 

Can you buy back my website if i decide its not for me? 

We offer a buy back program so you are assured money back but it maybe at a discount. 

Can Zong Services help me sell my site?

Yes we offer services where we can sell your website for a fee of the sale. 

Who are my vendors? 

The vendors we provide have been in business for a minimum of 4 years, they dropship, and we have established a solid business relationship with them (elaborate) 

What if i am not approved for a merchant account?

One can be provided for you under Zong Services LLC. We will charge a flate percent on monthly sales 1-5% depends on agreement.

Who dictates the prices on my website?

If the vendor has an agreement not to sell anything under a certain price we must adhere to their demands, but ultimately YOU dictate the prices on YOUR website